MELIGO is an integrated motion capture system.
Create your own metaverse world with MELIGO,
which can be utilized for a range of purposes including
real-time broadcasting, video content production, and motion data extraction.

Metaverse Life Go

MELIGO works to create a unique world
for you under the slogan of
‘Start your metaverse life.’

The "M" and its reflected form symbolize "me" and "another me" as a character.
The "another me" is embodied with a line (stripe), which is the identity of Feel the Same.

Program Configuration

MELIGO offers three services:
Creator, Studio, and Contents.

Meligo Creator



Intended for virtual creators, this program allows you to
create your own content with a wide variety of functions.

Meligo Studio



This is a program for creating character contents
for education, lectures, events, and exhibitions,
which you can utilize in various fields. (Coming soon)

Meligo Contents



This motion capture data extraction program helps you
to create motion data easily and quickly. (Coming soon)

Features and Use

A unique built-in motion capture algorithm allows for natural movements.
If the hardware requirements are met, three types of motion capture are supported.
With the Mollisen Hand made by Feel the Same, you can even perform finger capture.

  • 01

    Face Motion

    This supports facial motion using your iPhone
    (iPhoneXS or higher only)

  • 02

    Full Body and
    Upper Body Capture

    Full body tracking
    using VIVE TRACKER

  • 03


    Finger tracking
    using Mollisen Hand